We manufacture, supply and install Bulk Cash Transfer Units.  These are designed to make the transfer of large quantities of cash from cashier to cash collection company quick and safe.

We can manufacture in various sizes and finishes in order to match the surroundings and to make the cash transfer unit as unobtrusive as possible.  The 'BCTU' can be mounted in or above the cash counter, or within a nearby wall. 

An electronic interlock allows only one door to be opened at a time, meaning that the secure area stays secure.  The cashier controls which door can be opened by pressing release buttons mounted on the cash transfer unit.

Vision panels can be built into the BCTU.  These can be fitted with manual attack or bullet resistant glass.

Prioss Bulk Cash  Transfer Unit is designed to provide safe and quick transactions of bulk cash while ensuring that the cashier has total control over the transfer operation.

Secure temporary storage and transfer of bulk cash in to and out of the branch for Cash in Transit (C.I.T.) collection and delivery. Used in banks, petrol stations, shopping centres, and other facilities where cash is handled daily.


· Automated operation
· No personal contact between staff and Cash in Transit (C.I.T.) personnel
· Dallas Chip reader ensures secure access for transfer
· Flexible software for operational requirements
· Competitive pricing with low cost of ownership
· Includes view panel and pass through tray