We have a range of  High Security Locks  available with coded and restricted keys to prevent unauthorized duplication.



The new solution for price-conscious customers who do not want to compromise on features. This Movement family is the standard in the marketplace.


Electronic Locks

The most modern electronic locks are stocked with the added feature that, once the electronic PIN code has been entered, an adjustable time delay of normally between one and 90minutes may be imposed before any access can be gained. These locks are recommended for use to combat armed hold-up situations and robberies. A silent alarm feature may also be incorporated which signals the operator’s security to respond to such emergencies.


Time Management Locks

These locks are designed to record and control all access to safes or strong rooms. Features such as multiple-user codes allow a number of different users to have individual access codes. An audit trail is then available providing information as to who was involved and when the safe or strong room was opened or entered.

Programmable time management also enables safes or strong rooms to be locked between certain times. For example, access may be denied during weekends or public holidays when the business may be closed even if a valid user code is entered on the lock keypad. Time delay and silent alarm feature are identical to that of the delay lock noted previously.