Plastic trucks seals are widely used within the transportation industry. These particular seals make tamper detection easily. Smooth edges and breakable by hand make the Plastic Truck seal perfect for applications where increased handling is required.


Used to secure cash bags, clinical waste bags, polythene bags, property bags, sacks, tanker valves. Plastic Seals also provides tamper evident protection for boxes, cases, fire exit doors, fire extinguishers and first aid boxes. Last but not least one can secure cases, catering trolleys, curtain buckles, distribution/tote boxes and roll cages using our plastic seals


Types of seals available

  • - Posigrip
  • - Slik Seal
  • - Envo Tite
  • - Sigma Seal
  • - Tag Strap
  • - Superflag
  • - Plastic & Wire Padlok
  • - Tik Seal